With three years behind them DOTA 2 are as alive as the day of its release. Its recent version 7 has revived the interest of many of its players, as well as attracted new users to the overwhelming universe of MOBA. Because yes, starting at a MOBA without any experience could cause a fairly strong shock.

In we are going to bring you a series of guides to get acquainted with the MOBA free to play of Valve, to settle the head and to be able to finish competing of you to you to more experienced players. Because we are not going to fool you, if you like the mechanics of the game, sooner or later you want to enter the competitive world and experience the adrenaline rush to win hard games against good teams.

What is DOTA 2?

DOTA 2 is a MOBA, ie: a real-time action strategy game. On a map with three large corridors two teams of five players face each other. The map is split by a river that divides the control zone of each team; The ones in the lower left corner are the Radiant and the ones in the upper right are the Dire.

The control zone of each team is defended by Torres and Creeps, who go to the attack to fight in first person against other Creeps and against the Heroes, thus controlled by the AI ​​or the players. The objective of the game is to finish with the Ancient, the primordial building of each equipment and that is at the end of the map.

The games last a good few minutes and we will progress in each phase. As we advance and kill enemy Heroes and Creeps, we gain experience and gold. With the gold we buy objects in the respawn point, and with these objects we can definitely overcome the rival in the final phase of the game, when we are close to his Ancient.

Getting Started in DOTA 2

Before, long before even launching the multiplayer, we spend many hours playing against the AI and familiarizing ourselves with the interface. In addition to the basics we have in all games, to configure things at our whim, we have several tabs of interest to start with.

On the front page we have the 112 Heroes that are currently. They are all unlocked by default, DOTA 2 is completely free to play. You do not even have to level up or earn credits to unlock the Heroes. From the first moment they are all ours. Of course there are so many that can make you dizzy.

Even if you have played other MOBAs or tried DOTA 2 previously, it is advisable to do the tutorials on the “Learn” tab. There are more than previously, a total of six tutorials that come in handy to make us the basics of the game. The rest will come from the experience of going to play.

In these tutorials we will play with different heroes in battles guided against bots until finally they leave us free in a game against other inexpert players. We will try different heroes and we will understand the basic mechanics and some more advanced of the game. In addition to learning to play, you will stop overwhelming the Heroes tab and have tried several that are familiar to you.

With all this you will already have the basic tools to start in DOTA 2. If you want more tutorials, stay connected to Unity 3D Games to know more and become an expert in DOTA 2.

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