Pokémon Sun and Moon

From December 27th until yesterday, January 10th we were active the second global event in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Our task was to use the QR code scanner to load the island scanner and thus capture or defeat a total of one million unique Pokémon. However, the event was terminated yesterday without success.

Looking back, Pokémon Sun and Moon has already held two global events or missions that offered a juicy amount of feast for the Festiplaza if successful, but also rewarded with coins if they failed. The first global event was a real challenge, requiring players to capture 100 million wild Pokémon.

Logically, with such a disproportionate amount, the first event ended unsuccessfully. A later time, Game Freak tried it with a second global event of much less exigent requirement, and asked the users of Pokémon Sun and Moon to capture or to defeat 1 million of Pokémon using the island scanner. Unfortunately, it seems that the figure was still too high.

Pokémon Sol and Luna players have gotten about 662,000 Pokémon using the island scanner, so the second event has also ended unsuccessfully. However, we will receive 217 feasts if we have participated, although this amount may be doubled if we have our account linked to a Global Link account.

For whatever reason, the fact is that the players have not met one goal or another, so now Game Freak will have to devise a new global event with an even more affordable goal to not increase the frustration of participants in the Previous events.

At the moment we have no details on what will be the next Pokémon Sun and Moon event, so we have to wait a bit to see what developers are surprised by the latest titles of the saga. We will keep you informed.

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