New troops in Clash Royale

Well, this game leaves us day by day news, and is that the creators of Clash Royale are putting all the meat on the grill. Now we are going to explain a little how these new cards work.

Legendary Letters

Well if friends, what brings us Clash Royale is a new type of card, called a legendary card. Basically, and the great difference with the others, is that we will visualize them not with rectangular form as we are accustomed to seeing all the letters, but these will have hexagonal form. So far only have two new cards, but we can see how this game is gradually discovering all the potential that can offer us. Without further delay, we go with the two legendary cards.

Ice Wizard

It is a legendary card, which makes this magician special, is that as we all know, magicians have a lot of damage, but this lord of the north will also slow down enemy troops and reduce their attack. What strategic advantages can this give us? By having splash, we can use it to slow down a horde of enemies, see army of skeletons, minions, who are many with little life. This will allow us to stop them, and let our towers do the rest.


Legendary card also, its ability is to throw a shower of burning arrows from one side to another of the sand. His health points are 240, that is, he is really weak. We must protect it well, because despite being really fragile, it has great damage, and also has one of the greatest reaches of the game, that is, that from a distance is a deadly weapon. For example, the crossbow has 13 range, as the princess has 9.5, an outrage.

New letters that are not legendary.

Here we also have several news, and is that despite not being legendary, they will give much to talk about these letters that leaves us Clash Royale. They are the dark prince, and the trio of musketeers. The trio does not have much mystery, instead of summoning a musketeer, you summon three of the pull, which will give us a great strategic advantage in certain moments.
The dark prince has splash damage, that is, it could damage several units at the same time. To hurt him, we must break his shield first, and if we do not he will not suffer any damage. The shield has 242 resistance points.
To finish, we have the poison, which damages per second to both units and buildings, and has all the look that this last factor will make this letter one of the most used in the game today. Last but not least, the noble giant, who will give us strength and allow us to tank all the damage of the rival so that our units with more damage can take charge of destroying the enemy.